[06/07,2019] Meet the APSTH members at ISTH2019
[05/29,2019] ISTH is hosting an Early Career Professional Flyer Contest
[05/24,2019] The winners for travel grants in the APSTH-JSTH joint symposium
[11/21,2018] APSTH/JSTH joint symposium in Tsu, Japan
[10/25,2018] Japanese Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis (JSTH) Opened Abstract Submission System for the 2019 JSTH Congress.
[08/02,2018] 10th Congress of APSTH was held in Sapporo, Japan 2018
[08/02,2018] 11th Congress of APSTH, Gwangju, Korea, 2020
[04/27,2018] APSTH2018 Program
[09/12,2017] Invitation to Participate in WTD 2017 Twitter Chat
[06/15,2017] Invitation to Visit APSTH Booth at ISTH2017