2024 THANZ International Collaboration Grant
The 2024 THANZ International Collaboration Aus$10,000 grant is open to THANZ members who wish to travel to an institution in a country in Asia to impart specific T&H skills and knowledge; or non-THANZ members, including early to mid-career researchers and physicians, who reside in an Asian country and wish to travel to collaborate with a THANZ member, who has specific expertise in particular aspects of T&H, at their institution in either Australia or New Zealand. Although applicants from all Asian countries can apply, preference will be given to applicants from Asian countries who qualify for ISTH Reach the World status. More details and the application form are available on web site https://www.thanz.org.au/awards1/thanz-scientific-and-education-trust/international-collaboration-grant-applications
The THANZ International Collaboration Grant will be open between 27th May and 31st July. If you have any questions, please communicate with THANZ office.