APSTH/JSTH joint symposium in 2023 in Kitakyusyu, Japan
The next APSTH-JSTH joint symposium is scheduled on June 15-17, 2023 in conjunction with the 2023 JSTH congress, which will be held in Kitakyusyu (Congress President: Dr Koji Okamoto of Kitakyusyu City Yahata Hospital, Kitakyusyu, Japan, https://site2.convention.co.jp/jsth2023/).

2023 APSTH-JSTH joint symposium will be held on site. Presentations by selected overseas speakers will be conducted as face-to-face oral presentations. Airfare, transportation and lodging will be provided. Please submit abstract by email to terutoha@m3.kufm.kagoshima-u.ac.jp using the template, which is available on request. The deadline is January 20, 2023. JSTH members participate in the real meeting.

If you have any questions, please send email (terutoha@m3.kufm.kagoshima-u.ac.jp). JSTH members and local organizing committee in Kitakyusyu are looking forward to the scientific and academic exchange with APSTH members.