10th Congress of APSTH was held in Sapporo, Japan 2018
The congress was well attended including educational seminar supported by ISTH, educational seminar supported by WFH, six symposiums, seven oral communication sessions and poster presentations in various topics of thrombosis and hemostasis. The outstanding work of the local organizing committee was highly appreciated. The conference began on June 28th with the opening ceremony in the evening. Before the opening ceremony two educational programs were held. The morning program was supported by ISTH. Educational program supported by ISTH were presented by five experts including Drs. Claire McLintock, Jeffrey Weitz, Walter Ageno, Tatsuya Atsumi, and Katsue Suzuki-Inoue. The program was chaired by Dr. Yukio Ozaki and Dr. Claire McLintock. The afternoon program was supported by WFH. This program was planned by Japanese Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis (JSTH) president, Professor Midori Shima. Educational program supported by WFH were presented by five experts, Drs. H. Marijke van den Berg, Midori Shima, Ki-Young Yoo, Yeu-Chin Chen, and Kumiko Ono. The program was chaired by Dr. H. Marijke van den Berg and Dr. Akira Yoshioka. All the APSTH council members are grateful for the kind international support of both ISTH and WFH for these educational seminars. These two educational seminars truly show the good friendship of international academic organizations related to thrombosis and hemostasis.

On June 29 and 30 APSTH 2018 included six intriguing symposiums. The topics included World Thrombosis Day (WTD) symposium entitled “Increasing the awareness for thrombosis in Asia: challenges and WTD initiatives”, “Bench to bedside research harnesses the power to combat bleeding disorders”, “Enlarging horizon of thrombosis and hemostasis: emerging new therapeutic targets”, “Clinical laboratory testing provides protection for patients”, “Antithrombotic therapies in Asia 2018: current status and future perspective”, and “APSTH/JSTH joint symposium: Time to reappraise cutting-edge basic science to further reduce thrombotic risk”. The symposiums provided the recent advances and information in basic and clinical research. These advances in research, clinical practice and medical care were shared by all APSTH members preset. Forty-nine thematic oral presentations in 7 sessions (platelet, hemophilia, bleeding disorder, transfusion and monitoring, cardiovascular disease, management of thromboembolism, clinical hemostasis and thrombosis) and poster presentations. New ideas were provided and new collaborations were developed within our APSTH members.

All members were excited to see the active participation of our young investigators. Young scientists and clinicians convincingly showed the strong growth of APSTH. Outstanding scholars were awarded Travel Grant Awards of APSTH 2018. In addition Poster Awards were granted.

Many young scientists visited exhibition area. In the Exhibition area ISTH had a beautiful booth. In particular participants were quite interested in the information on WTD and ISTH2019 in Melbourne, Australia. We were fortunate that Dr. Robert Medcalf, president of ISTH2019 participated in APSTH2018. On June 30 Fun Walk celebrating WTD was held. Members gathered and walked around the Odori Park located in the central downtown Sapporo. We were joined by Sapporo citizen doing morning exercise in the Odori Park and had a good time walking.

APSTH2018 had concurrent JSTH meeting planned by Professor Tatsuya Atsumi. Many of the JSTH members, highly motivated in basic and clinical research, were quite interested in APSTH countries which have shown an increasing scientific growth in medical research and medical care. APSTH members and JSTH all conversed not only to mutually understand each other, but also to build a good friendship. This experience will be useful for networking in future careers. In addition to the scientific program a welcoming reception party for all conference attendees for both APSTH and JSTH were held on the second day.

We really had a good APSTH meeting. All participants made good presentations, and we were all moved deeply. We could get new knowledges and could build good friendship and new professional network. Local organizing committee members thank all participants who worked very hard to make this meeting a very productive one. The next 11th APSTH meeting will be heled in Korea in 2020. Together we can make a better meeting in 2 years. We all look forward to the next meeting.