APSTH-ISTH joint symposium (July 9th, 2007, Geneva)
The APSTH-ISTH joint symposiums will be held from 17:30 to 20:30 in room D at Palexpo, the Geneva congress site, on Monday evening, July 9th, 2007. This is going to be categorized into one of the other activities, since there is no corporation support for this symposium. All the APSTH members are encouraged to participate in this symposium.

Program of the APSTH-ISTH joint symposium

1. genetic factors related to thrombophilia (Total 60 min; 12 min presentation plus 3 min discussion for 4 speakers)
(Chairpersons: Koji Suzuki, Changgeng Ruan)

Protein S-K196E mutation as a genetic risk factor for deep vein thrombosis among Japanese patients.
Toshiyuki Miyata, National Cardiovascular Center Research Institute, Japan

Distribution of antithrombin, protein C and protein S activities and prevalence of their deficiencies in the general Chinese healthy population.
Yongqian Zhao, Beijing Union Medical College, China

The frequencies and mutation spectrums of hereditary thrombophilia in Korea
- findings from the general population and from patients with venous thromboembolism.
Hee-Jin Kim, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Genetics, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Genetic risk factors in Thai patients with venous thromboembolism.
Pantep Angchaisuksiri, M.D. Division of Hematology,
Department of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital,
Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

2. incidence rate of thrombotic disorders (Total 80 min; 15 min presentation plus 5 min discussion for 4 speakers)

a. Venous thromboembolism
(Chairpersons: Yukio Ozaki, Wichai Prayoonwiwat)

Venous thromboembolism among Caucasian
Tim Brighton,
Prince of Wales Hospital,

Venous thromboembolism: differences in incidence and thromboprophylaxis in
Asian countries
Takao Kobayashi
Shinshu University, Japan

b. Characteristics of atherothrombosis in Asian and Caucasians: Results from the REACH registry
(Chairpersons: Halem Salem, Yasuo Ikeda)

Asian perspectives
Maria Teresa B. Abola
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Philippine Heart Center

Global perspectives
Shiya Goto, Tokai University, Japan

3. response to therapeutic agents (Total 40 min; 15 min presentation plus 5 min discussion for 2 speakers)
(Chairpersons: Doyeun Oh, Sim Leng Tien)

a. Evaluation of DIC treatment
DIC treatment in Western countries
Chung Hock Toh, Dept of Haematology, Royal Liverpool University
Hospital, UK

Efficacy of DIC treatment in Asian countries
Hideo Wada, Dept of Molecular and Laboratory Medicine, Mie University,